Warm welcome and greetings…

ChannelOne is a division of Bali International Consulting, a registered company based in Bali – Indonesia. The company was established in the year 2004 and ever since is actively serving their clientele with regard to, Indonesian visas, Immigration Permits, Business Establishment and property dealings.

There are many other Visa Agencies operating on Bali. However ChannelOne values earning the trust of our clientele, through consistency, good accurate service, competitive pricing and punctual processing time.

In appreciation to our customers and to improve our credibility, ChannelOne has been approved and registered with ASIC (Australian Securities & Investment Commission), the registration details can be seen on our contact page.

During the course or our business, it has been highlighted that many problems for foreigners living in Indonesia arise as a result of miss-information. Many times this is because of communication misunderstandings and as everyone knows, every single mistake with your Visa and Permits will require an additional cost for you. We at ChannelOne are here to avoid those mistakes and guide you so your stay will be hassle free.

A free initial consultation is provided by ChannelOne, just contact us by phone or email and tell us where you are (Bali area). We will then make an appointment with you; this can be at our office or at location convenient to you.

ChannelOne are supported by English and Japanese speaking staff, also in alliance with reputable Public Notary, Public Accountant and Lawyer.