About us

Bali is one of the most popular travel destination world wide, and the most popular tourist destination in South East Asia. Currently it not only attracts travelers from all over the world, but has become the ideal meeting place for business people.

Bali has a special atmosphere and unique culture, as a result every year the international community residency is growing rapidly. Retirement, local investment, re-location of business or new businesses are typical reasons for living the good life in Bali. Our company can assist you with any of these situations. The ultimate goal of our company is to provide reliable, effective and affordable advice.

We can demonstrate how you can live independently in Indonesia, as you would in any developed country. This means buy your own house, sponsor your own visa, and run your own business, all with total independence and security. No longer do you have to “trust” a local you hardly know or find other “connections”.

We spend a lot of time answering questions from many people who are concerned over what the regulations really are. Questions like: Can we buy land here? Can we run our own business? What visa do I need? Is it best to have a local partner? Can we retire here? We can clarify all this and more, which will allow you to make informed decisions.

However more recently we have been providing services with regard to property, such as, land acquisition, leasing, buying, selling villas and any commercial or residential property.

The Immigration status is very important, so having the correct visa for your particular life style needs is vital. We will assist you every step of the way and show you how to sponsor your own visa. This means you will never have to stand in line at the immigration office, no more filling at applications, never having to deal with the immigration officials and no need to find other sponsor. (no need put in about money).

In the investment Section, we offer legal procedures and solutions to give you total security for now and in the future. Our advice is guaranteed for as long as it is used. The current de-centralization policy of the National Government, is resulting in new local regulations and amendments to existing regulations. We advise our clients about both the old and new regulations that may affect their interests.

Our company has alliances with reputable Public Notary, Public Accountant and Lawyers.Our focus is on putting our clients in an independent business position which allows total foreign control and ownership of business activity, land acquisition, visa sponsorship and land use agreements. All you do is use your own company to hire staff or enter into contracts or agreements.

Our company welcomes you to an informal introductory session, to find out what your position is and examine your current circumstances. We will demonstrate how few obstacles actually exist to what you want to do. There is no fee for this information session and our consultants will be available to answer many critical questions on the spot.